Are you interested in having the freedom of your own business as a real estate agent?
How about having a multi-million dollar inventory available to sell, at no cost to you?

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of working for a top international corporation while
persuing you dreams for owning your own busness with
unlimited earnings potential and creating your own success?

Few businesses can be started for as small a cash investment as your real estate business. Although the you will need to have discipline and hard work to succeed, you will have the fleibility that a storefront or food indutry business business can't allow. Becoming a top real estate sales requires 3 hours of solid work 5 days a week, followed up by a flexible schedule of various support activites.
You can work as an individual, with a team agents you chose, or a cooperatively with other agents on an as-needed basis.
While your chosen Keller Williams Broker will give you a vast amount of professional support,  I will be there for you as well. As your sponsor, I will pledge to give you support you with those questions that don't require the broker's expertise, but will smooth the way to sucessful transactions, including those that come up on late nights and weekends.

You can complete the courses you need online in about 3 months,
for only $699,00 or less, including a FREE Texas State Exam Prep.*

Find out more about joining our team at Keller Williams Realty,
and information and support for starting your next carreer.
We have the best training and profit sharing to help YOU have
a "Life worth living and a business worth having."  

Text or call for a quick response
10am to 9 pm Central Time Monday- Friday
at 512-294-6638,
or email me at [email protected] .

I look forward to hearing from you.

* price quoted by RE Prep School on Sept 30, 2012, and is not guaranteed current